1. [110908] Kiss The Radio - Leeteuk talk about marriage failure xD

    • Teuk: I told many people to marry me and never say go on a date, this kind of words.
    • DJ: Who has?
    • Teuk: Like Yoona but at first is Krystal, when she was 6 years old, the first time she came to the company and i was asked who is she. Jessica told me: This is my sister.
    • Teuk: this girl looked good, when you grow up, you should marry me!
    • Krystal: I know.
    • Hyuk: But now Krystal dont like Leeteuk.
    • After Jungmoo said: I also told Yonna to marry with me and at last, Yonna was dislike and said: Ohh, why you are being like this, just same with Leeteuk hyung.

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